17 CFR 210.6-02 - Definition of certain terms.

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§ 210.6-02 Definition of certain terms.

The following terms shall have the meaning indicated in this rule unless the context otherwise requires. (Also see § 210.1-02 of this part.)

(a) Affiliate. The term affiliate means an affiliated person as defined in section 2(a)(3) of the Investment Company Act of 1940 unless otherwise indicated. The term control has the meaning in section 2(a)(9) of that Act.

(b) Value. As used in §§ 210.6-01 to 210.6-10, the term value shall have the meaning given in section 2(a)(41)(B) of the Investment Company Act of 1940.

(c) Balance sheets; statements of net assets. As used in §§ 210.6-01 to 210.6-10, the term balance sheets shall include statements of assets and liabilities as well as statements of net assets unless the context clearly indicates the contrary.

(d) Qualified assets.

(1) For companies issuing face-amount certificates subsequent to December 31, 1940 under the provisions of section 28 of the Investment Company Act of 1940, the term qualified assets means qualified investments as that term is defined in section 28(b) of the Act. A statement to that effect shall be made in the balance sheet.

(2) For other companies, the term qualified assets means cash and investments which such companies do maintain or are required, by applicable governing legal instruments, to maintain in respect of outstanding face-amount certificates.

(3) Loans to certificate holders may be included as qualified assets in an amount not in excess of certificate reserves carried on the books of account in respect of each individual certificate upon which the loans were made.

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    1. 81 FR 81870 - Investment Company Reporting Modernization
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