17 CFR § 210.6-09 - Statements of changes in net assets.

§ 210.6-09 Statements of changes in net assets.

Statements of changes in net assets filed for persons to whom this article is applicable shall comply with the following provisions:

Statements of Changes in Net Assets

1. Operations. State separately: (a) Investment income-net as shown by § 210.6-07.6; (b) realized gain (loss) on investments-net of any Federal or other income taxes applicable to such amounts; (c) increase (decrease) in unrealized appreciation or depreciation-net of any Federal or other income taxes applicable to such amounts; and (d) net increase (decrease) in net assets resulting from operations as shown by § 210.6-07.9.

2. Net equalization charges and credits. State the net amount of accrued undivided earnings separately identified in the price of capital shares issued and repurchased.

3. Distributions to shareholders. State total distributions to shareholders which generally come from: (a) Investment income-net; (b) realized gain from investment transactions-net; and (c) other sources, except tax return of capital distributions, which shall be disclosed separately.

4. Capital share transactions.

(a) State the increase or decrease in net assets derived from the net change in the number of outstanding shares or units.

(b) Disclose in the body of the statements or in the notes, for each class of the person's shares, the number and value of shares issued in reinvestment of dividends as well as the number and dollar amounts received for shares sold and paid for shares redeemed.

5. Total increase (decrease).

6. Net assets at the beginning of the period.

7. Net assets at the end of the period.

[47 FR 56838, Dec. 21, 1982, as amended at 83 FR 50202, Oct. 4, 2018]

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