17 CFR 210.6A-03 - Statements of financial condition.

§ 210.6A-03 Statements of financial condition.

Statements of financial condition filed under this rule shall comply with the following provisions:

Plan Assets

1. Investments in securities of participating employers. State separately each class of securities of the participating employer or employers.

2. Investments in securities of unaffiliated issuers.

(a)United States Government bonds and other obligations. Include only direct obligations of the United States Government.

(b)Other securities. State separately (1) marketable securities and (2) other securities.

3. Investments. Other than securities. State separately each major class.

4. Dividends and interest receivable.

5. Cash.

6. Other assets. State separately (a) total of amounts due from participating employers or any of their directors, officers and principal holders of equity securities; (b) total of amounts due from trustees or managers of the plan; and (c) any other significant amounts.

Liabilities and Plan Equity

7. Liabilities. State separately (a) total of amounts payable to participating employers; (b) total of amounts payable to participating employees; and (c) any other significant amounts.

8. Reserves and other credits. State separately each significant item and describe each such item by using an appropriate caption or by a footnote referred to in the caption.

9. Plan equity at close of period.

[ 27 FR 7870, Aug. 9, 1962. Redesignated at 47 FR 56843, Dec. 21, 1982]

Title 17 published on 2015-12-04

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    1. 81 FR 81870 - Investment Company Reporting Modernization
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