17 CFR § 230.483 - Exhibits for certain registration statements.

§ 230.483 Exhibits for certain registration statements.

If a registration statement is prepared on a form available solely to investment companies registered under the Investment Company Act of 1940, or a business development company which is selling or proposing to sell its securities pursuant to a registration statement which has been filed under the Act, the following provisions apply:

(a) Such registration statement shall contain an exhibit index, which should immediately precede the exhibits filed with such registration statement. The exhibit index shall indicate by handwritten, typed, printed or other legible form of notation in the manually signed original registration statement the page number in the sequential numbering system where such exhibit can be found. Where exhibits are incorporated by reference, this fact shall be noted in the exhibit index referred to in the preceding sentence. Further, the first page of the manually signed registration statement shall list the page in the filing where the exhibit index is located.

(b) If any name is signed to the registration statement pursuant to a power of attorney, copies of such powers of attorney shall be filed as an exhibit to the registration statement. In addition, if the name of any officer signing on behalf of the registrant, or attesting the registrant's seal, is signed pursuant to a power of attorney, certified copies of a resolution of the registrant's board of directors authorizing such signature shall also be filed as an exhibit to the registration statement. A power of attorney that is filed with the Commission shall relate to a specific filing, an amendment thereto, or a related registration statement that is to be effective upon filing pursuant to Rule 462(b) (§ 230.462(b)) under the Act.


(1) All written consents are required to be filed as an exhibit to the registration statement, together with a list thereof. Such consents shall be dated and manually signed. Where the consent of an expert or counsel is contained in his report or opinion, a reference shall be made in the list to the report or opinion containing the consent.

(2) In a registration statement filed pursuant to Rule 462(b) (§ 230.462(b)) by a closed-end company, any required consent may be incorporated by reference into the registration statement from a previously filed registration statement related to the offering, provided that the consent contained in the previously filed registration statement expressly provides for such incorporation. Any consent filed in a Rule 462(b) (§ 230.462(b)) registration statement may contain duplicated or facsimile versions of required signatures, and such signatures shall be considered manually filed for the purposes of the Act and the rules thereunder.

(d) The registrant:

(1) May file such exhibits as it may desire in addition to those required by the appropriate form. Such exhibits shall be so marked as to indicate clearly the subject matters to which they refer;

(2) In any case where two or more indentures, contracts, frachises, or other documents required to be filed as exhibits are substantially identical in all material respects except as to the parties thereto, the dates of execution, or other details, need file a copy of only one of such documents, with a schedule identifying the other documents omitted and setting forth the material details in which such documents differ from the document of which a copy is filed. The Commission may at any time in its discretion require filing of copies of any documents so omitted; and

(3) If an exhibit to a registration statement (other than an opinion or consent), filed in preliminary form, has been changed only (i) to insert information as to interest, dividend or conversion rates, redemption or conversion prices, purchase or offering prices, underwriters' or dealers' commission, names, addresses or participation of underwriters or similar matters, which information appears elsewhere in an amendment to the registration statement, or (ii) to correct typographical errors, insert signatures or make other similar immaterial changes, then, notwithstanding any contrary requirement of any rule or form, need not refile such exhibit as so amended; provided the registrant states in the amendment to the registration statement the basis provided by this rule for not refiling such exhibit. Any such incomplete exhibit may not, however, be incorporated by reference in any subsequent filing under any Act administered by the Commission.

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