17 CFR § 230.606 - Offering not in excess of $100,000.

§ 230.606 Offering not in excess of $100,000.

No offering circular need be filed or used in connection with an offering of securities under §§ 230.601 to 230.610a if the aggregate offering price of all securities of the issuer offered or sold without the use of such an offering circular does not exceed $100,000 computed in accordance with § 230.603, Provided, The following conditions are met:

(a) There shall be filed as an exhibit to the notification four copies of a statement setting forth the information (other than financial statements) required by Schedule A or Schedule B to be set forth in an offering circular.

(b) No advertisement, article or other communication published in any newspaper, magazine or other periodical and no radio or television broadcast in regard to the offering shall contain more than the following information:

(1) The name of the issuer of such security;

(2) The title of the security, amount offered, and the per-unit offering price to the public;

(3) The identity of the general type of business of the issuer; and

(4) By whom orders will be filled or from whom further information may be obtained.

[23 FR 10484, Dec. 30, 1958, as amended at 49 FR 35344, Sept. 7, 1984]

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