17 CFR § 240.12d1-3 - Requirements as to certification.

§ 240.12d1-3 Requirements as to certification.

(a) Certification that a security has been approved by an exchange for listing and registration pursuant to section 12(d) of the act and § 240.12d1-1 shall be made by the governing committee or other corresponding authority of the exchange.

(b) The certification shall specify (1) the approval of the exchange for listing and registration; (2) the title of the security so approved; (3) the date of filing with the exchange of the application for registration and of any amendments thereto; and (4) any conditions imposed on such certification. The exchange shall promptly notify the Commission of the partial or complete satisfaction of any such conditions.

(c) The certification may be made by telegram but in such case shall be confirmed in writing. All certifications in writing and all amendments thereto shall be filed with the Commission in duplicate and at least one copy shall be manually signed by the appropriate exchange authority.

(Sec. 12, 48 Stat. 892, as amended; 15 U.S.C. 78l)

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