17 CFR § 270.10f-1 - Conditional exemption of certain underwriting transactions.

§ 270.10f-1 Conditional exemption of certain underwriting transactions.

Any purchase or other acquisition by a registered management company acting, pursuant to a written agreement, as an underwriter of securities of an issuer which is not an investment company shall be exempt from the provisions of section 10(f) (54 Stat. 806; 15 U.S.C. 80a-10) upon the following conditions:

(a) The party to such agreement other than such registered company is a principal underwriter of such securities, which principal underwriter (1) is a person primarily engaged in the business of underwriting and distributing securities issued by other persons, selling securities to customers, or related activities, whose gross income normally is derived principally from such business or related activities, and (2) does not control or is not under common control with such registered company.

(b) No public offering of the securities underwritten by such agreement has been made prior to the execution thereof.

(c) Such securities have been effectively registered pursuant to the Securities Act of 1933 (48 Stat. 74; 15 U.S.C. 77a-aa) prior to the execution of such agreement.

(d) In regard to any securities underwritten, whether or not purchased, by the registered company pursuant to such agreement, such company shall be allowed a rate of gross commission, spread, concession or other profit not less than the amount allowed to such principal underwriter, exclusive of any amounts received by such principal underwriter as a management fee from other principal underwriters.

(e) Such agreement is authorized by resolution adopted by a vote of not less than a majority of the board of directors of such registered company, none of which majority is an affiliated person of such principal underwriter, of the issuer of the securities underwritten pursuant to such agreement or of any person engaged in a business described in paragraph (a)(1) of this section.

(f) The resolution required in paragraph (e) of this section shall state that it has been adopted pursuant to this section, and shall incorporate the terms of the proposed agreement by attaching a copy thereof as an exhibit or otherwise.

(g) A copy of the resolution required in paragraph (e) of this section, signed by each member of the board of directors of the registered company who voted in favor of its adoption, shall be transmitted to the Commission not later than the fifth day succeeding the date on which such agreement is executed.

[Rule N-10F-1, 6 FR 1191, Feb. 28, 1941]

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