17 CFR Part 40, Appendix D to Part 40 - Submission Cover Sheet and Instructions

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Appendix D to Part 40—Submission Cover Sheet and Instructions
(a) A properly completed submission cover sheet shall accompany all rule and product submissions submitted electronically by a registered entity in a format and manner specified by the Secretary of the Commission to the Secretary of the Commission. A properly completed submission cover sheet shall include all of the following:
1. Identifier Code (optional)—A registered entity Identifier Code at the top of the cover sheet, if applicable. Such codes are commonly generated by registered entities to provide an identifier that is unique to each filing (e.g., NYMEX Submission 03-116).
2. Date—The date of the filing.
3. Organization—The name of the organization filing the submission (e.g., CBOT).
4. Filing as a—Check in the appropriate box indicating that the rule or product is being submitted by a designated contract market (DCM), derivatives clearing organization (DCO), swap execution facility (SEF), or swap data repository (SDR), electronic trading facility with a significant price discovery contract (the term will be removed on July 20, 2012).1

1 Even though ECM-SPDC was eliminated by the Dodd-Frank Act, the Commission will retain references to this entity in the cover sheet since ECMs may be allowed to operate until July 20, 2012, pursuant to grandfather relief issued by the Commission. See75 FR 56513 (Sept. 16, 2010).

5. Type of Filing—An indication as to whether the filing is a new rule, rule amendment or new product. The registered entity should check the appropriate box to indicate the applicable category under that heading.
6. Rule Numbers—For rule filings, the rule number(s) being adopted or modified in the case of rule amendment filings.
7. Description—For rule or rule amendment filings, a description of the new rule or rule amendment, including a discussion of its expected impact on the registered entity, market participants, and the overall market. The narrative should describe the substance of the submission with enough specificity to characterize all material aspects of the filing.
(b) Other Requirements—A submission shall comply with all applicable filing requirements for proposed rules, rule amendments, or products. The filing of the submission cover sheet does not obviate the registered entity's responsibility to comply with applicable filing requirements (e.g., rules submitted for Commission approval under § 40.5 must be accompanied by an explanation of the purpose and effect of the proposed rule along with a description of any substantive opposing views).
(c) Checking the box marked “confidential treatment requested” on the Submission Cover Sheet does not obviate the submitter's responsibility to comply with all applicable requirements for requesting confidential treatment in § 40.8 and, where appropriate, § 145.9 of this chapter, and will not substitute for notice or full compliance with such requirements.

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