18 CFR § 12.44 - Testing spillway gates.

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§ 12.44 Testing spillway gates.

(a) General requirement. An applicant or licensee must make adequate provision, to the satisfaction of the Regional Engineer or other authorized Commission representative, to ensure that all spillway gates are operable at all times, particularly during adverse weather conditions.

(b) Annual test.

(1) At least once each year, each spillway gate at a project must be operated to spill water, either during regular project operation or on a test basis.

(2) If an applicant or licensee does not operate each spillway gate on a test basis during the periodic inspection by the Commission staff, the applicant or licensee must submit to the Regional Engineer at least once each year a written statement, verified in accordance with § 12.13, that each spillway has been operated at least once during the twelve months preceding the inspection.

(c) Load-test of standby power.

(1) An applicant or licensee must load-test the standby emergency power for spillway gate operation at regular intervals, but not less than once during each year, and submit to the Regional Engineer, at least once each year, a written statement, verified in accordance with § 12.13, describing the intervals at which the standby emergency power was load-tested during the year preceding the inspection.

(2) The Commission staff may direct that a spillway gate be operated using standby emergency power during the periodic inspection.