18 CFR § 153.7 - Contents of application.

§ 153.7 Contents of application.

Every application under subpart B of this part shall include, in the order indicated, the following:

(a) Information regarding applicant.

(1) The exact legal name of applicant;

(2) The name, title, and post office address, telephone and facsimile numbers of the person to whom correspondence in regard to the application shall be addressed;

(3) If a corporation, the state or territory under the laws of which the applicant was organized, and the town or city where applicant's principal office is located. If applicant is incorporated under the laws of, or authorized to operate in, more than one state, all pertinent facts should be stated. If applicant company is owned wholly or in part by any foreign government entity, or directly or indirectly subsidized by any foreign government entity; or, if applicant company has any agreement for such ownership or subsidization from any foreign government, provide full details of ownership and/or subsidies.

(b) Summary. A detailed summary of the proposal, including descriptions of the facilities utilized in the proposed export or import of natural gas; state, foreign, or other Federal governmental licenses or permits for the construction, operation, or modification of facilities in the United States, Canada, or Mexico; and the status of any state, foreign, or other Federal regulatory proceedings which are related to the proposal.

(c) Statements.

(1) A statement demonstrating that the proposal or proposed construction is not inconsistent with the public interest, including, where applicable to the applicant's operations and proposal, a demonstration that the proposal:

(i) Will improve access to supplies of natural gas, serve new market demand, enhance the reliability, security, and/or flexibility of the applicant's pipeline system, improve the dependability of international energy trade, or enhance competition within the United States for natural gas transportation or supply;

(ii) Will not impair the ability of the applicant to render transportation service in the United States at reasonable rates to its existing customers; and,

(iii) Will not involve any existing contract(s) between the applicant and a foreign government or person concerning the control of operations or rates for the delivery or receipt of natural gas which may restrict or prevent other United States companies from extending their activities in the same general area, with copies of such contracts; and,

(2) A statement representing that the proposal will be used to render transportation services under parts 157 or 284 of this chapter, private transportation, or service that is exempt from the provisions of the Natural Gas Act pursuant to sections 1(b) or 1(c) thereof. The applicant providing transportation service under part 157 of this chapter must represent that the pipeline's proposed increase in capacity at an existing import/export point is not exclusively reserved for part 157 users and that all new service made available as a result of a new or modified import/export facility will be under part 284 of this chapter.