18 CFR § 154.1 - Application; Obligation to file.

§ 154.1 Application; Obligation to file.

(a) The provisions of this part apply to filings pursuant to section 4 of the Natural Gas Act.

(b) Every natural gas company must file with the Commission and post in conformity with the requirements of this part, schedules showing all rates and charges for any transportation or sale of natural gas subject to the jurisdiction of the Commission, and the classifications, practices, rules, and regulations affecting such rates, charges, and services, together with all contracts related thereto.

(c) No natural gas company may file, under this part, any new or changed rate schedule or contract for the performance of any service for which a certificate of public convenience and necessity or certificate amendment must be obtained pursuant to section 7(c) of the Natural Gas Act, until such certificate has been issued.

(d) For the purposes of paragraph (b) of this section, any contract that conforms to the form of service agreement that is part of the pipeline's tariff pursuant to § 154.110 does not have to be filed. Any contract or executed service agreement which deviates in any material aspect from the form of service agreement in the tariff is subject to the filing requirements of this part.