18 CFR § 154.102 - Requirements for filing rate schedules and tariffs.

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§ 154.102 Requirements for filing rate schedules and tariffs.

(a) All rates schedules, tariffs, and service agreements may be filed either by dividing the rate schedule, tariff, or agreement into individual tariff sheets, or tariff sections, or as an entire document except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section.

(b) Open access transportation tariffs must be filed either as individual sheets or sections. If filed as sections, each section must include only material of related subject matter and must be of reasonable length and must include at a minimum a section for each item listed in the table of contents under § 154.103 of this section and each topic listed under General Terms and Conditions of Service.

(c) Individual negotiated rate agreements, non-conforming service agreements, or other agreements that are included in the tariff may be filed as entire documents.

(d) The first section or sheet of the tariff must include:

(1) The FERC Gas Tariff Volume Number and Name of the Natural Gas Company, for example

FERC Gas Tariff Volume No. [ ] of [Name of Natural Gas Company]

(2) The name, title, address, telephone number, e-mail address and facsimile number of a person to whom communications concerning the tariff should be sent.

[Order 714, 73 FR 57534, Oct. 3, 2008]

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