18 CFR § 154.202 - Filings to initiate a new rate schedule.

§ 154.202 Filings to initiate a new rate schedule.

(a) When the filing is to initiate a new service authorized under a blanket authority in part 284 of this chapter, the filing must comply with the requirements of this paragraph.

(1) Filings under this paragraph must:

(i) Adhere to the requirements of subparts A, B, and C of this part;

(ii) Contain a description of the new service, including, but not limited to, the proposed effective date for commencement of service, applicability, whether the service is interruptible or firm, and the necessity for the service;

(iii) Explain how the new service will differ from existing services, including a concise description of the natural gas company's existing operations;

(iv) Explain the impact of the new service on existing firm and interruptible customers, including but not limited to:

(A) The adequacy of existing capacity, if the proposed service is a firm service, and

(B) The effect on receipt and delivery point flexibility, nominating and scheduling priorities, allocation of capacity, operating conditions, and curtailment, for any new service;

(v) Include workpapers that detail the computations underlying the proposed rate under the new rate schedule; or, if the rate is a currently effective rate, include the appropriate reference and an explanation of why the rate is appropriate;

(vi) Give a justification, similar in form to filed testimony in a general section 4 rate case, explaining why the proposed rate design and proposed allocation of costs are just and reasonable;

(vii) If the costs relating to existing services are reallocated to new services, explain the method for allocating the costs and the impact on the existing customers;

(viii) Include workpapers showing the estimated effect on revenue and costs over the twelve-month period commencing on the proposed effective date of the filing.

(ix) List other filings pending before the Commission at the time of the filing which may significantly affect the filing. Explain how the instant filing would be affected by the outcome of each related pending filing;

(2) Any interdependent filings must be filed concurrently and contain a notice of the interdependence.

(b) If a new service, facility, or rate is specifically authorized by a Commission order pursuant to section 7 of the Natural Gas Act, with the filing of tariff sheets or sections to implement the new rate schedule, the natural gas company must:

(1) Comply with the requirements of § 154.203; and

(2) Where the rate or charge proposed differs from the rate or charge approved in the certificate order, the natural gas company must: Show that the change is due to a rate adjustment under a periodic rate change mechanism previously accepted under § 154.403 which has taken effect since the certificate order was issued; or, show that the rate change is in accordance with the terms of the certificate, and provide workpapers justifying the change.

[Order 582, 60 FR 52996, Oct. 11, 1995, as amended by Order 714, 73 FR 57535, Oct. 3, 2008]

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