18 CFR § 154.502 - Reports.

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§ 154.502 Reports.

(a) When the natural gas company is required, either by a Commission order or as a part of a settlement in a proceeding initiated under this part 154 or part 284 of this chapter, to make a report on a periodic basis, details about the nature and contents of the report must be provided in an appropriate section of the general terms and conditions of its tariff.

(b) The details in the general terms and conditions of the tariff must include the frequency and timing of the report. Explain whether the report is filed annually, semi-annually, monthly, or is triggered by an event. If triggered by an event, explain how soon after the event the report must be filed. If the report is periodic, state the dates on which the report must be filed.

(c) Each report must include:

(1) A letter of transmittal containing:

(i) A list of the material enclosed;

(ii) The name and telephone number of a company official who can answer questions regarding the filing;

(iii) A reference to the authority by which the report is made, including the specific subpart of these regulations, an order of the Commission, a provision of the company's tariff, or any other appropriate authority. If a Commission order is referenced, include the citation to the FERC Reports, the date of issuance, and the docket number;

(iv) Any requests for waiver. Requests must include a reference to the specific section of the statute, regulations, or the company's tariff from which waiver is sought, and a justification for the waiver.

(2) A certification of service to all affected customers and interested state commissions.

(d) Each report filed under paragraph (b) of this section must be posted no later than the date of filing.