18 CFR § 156.3 - Applications; general requirements.

§ 156.3 Applications; general requirements.

(a) Applicable rules. The application must be filed with the Secretary of the Commission in accordance with filing procedures posted on the Commission's Web site at http://www.ferc.gov. In all other respects applications shall conform to the requirements of §§ 156.1 through 156.5. Amendments to or withdrawals of applications shall be filed in accordance with the requirements of §§ 385.213 and 385.214 of this chapter.

(b) General content of application; filing fee. Except as provided in paragraph (d) of this section, each application shall set forth the following information:

(1) The exact legal name of the applicant; the name of the natural gas company (respondent) from which applicant is seeking an extension or improvement of transportation facilities, physical connection of facilities or service of natural gas together with a concise description of the extension, improvement, physical connection of facilities or service sought from such company including the estimated volumes of natural gas involved to meet annual and maximum day requirements for the estimated first three years of proposed operation.

(2) Applicant's principal place of business; whether applicant is an individual, corporation or municipality as defined in section 2 of the Natural Gas Act; State under the laws of which applicant is incorporated, organized or authorized; and the name, title, and mailing address of the person or persons to whom communications concerning the application are to be addressed.

(3) The facts relied upon by applicant to show that the proposed extension or improvement of transportation facilities, physical connection of facilities or service and sale of natural gas are necessary or desirable in the public interest.

(4) A concise description of applicant's operations, if any, at the time the application is filed.

(5) A concise description of applicant's proposed operations, construction, service and sales together with a description of any extension or improvement of facilities by applicant which would be required to enable applicant to engage in the local distribution of natural gas and including the proposed dates for the beginning and completion of construction and commencement of operations.

(6) A full statement concerning and description of any certificate of public convenience and necessity, franchise or other authorization which applicant has applied for or received from any State commission or municipality covering its proposed operations.

(7) A full statement as to whether any other application must be or is to be filed by applicant with any other Federal or State body, or other political subdivision or agency of a State to enable applicant to engage in the local distribution of natural gas in the territory it proposes to serve.

(8) Each application shall contain a table of contents which shall list all exhibits and documents filed in compliance with §§ 156.1 through 156.2, as well as other documents and exhibits filed therewith, identifying them by their appropriate titles and alphabetical letter designations specified in § 156.5. The alphabetical designation specified in § 156.5 must be adhered to strictly and any additional exhibits submitted on applicant's own volition, pursuant to § 156.5(b) shall be designated in sequence under the letter designation Z (Z1, Z2, Z3, etc.). Together with each exhibit applicant shall set forth a full and complete explanation of the data submitted, the manner in which it was obtained, and the reasons for the conclusions which are derived therefrom.

(c) Incorporation by reference. Any information required by this part which is already on file with the Commission may be incorporated by reference.

(d) Small distributors. A distributor requesting natural gas service of less than 2000 Mcf per day to serve a single community may file the information required by the form of application represented in § 250.6 of this chapter.

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