18 CFR § 157.18 - Applications to abandon facilities or service; exhibits.

§ 157.18 Applications to abandon facilities or service; exhibits.

Applications for an order authorizing abandonment of facilities or service pursuant to section 7(b) of the Natural Gas Act must contain a statement providing in detail the reasons for the abandonment and must contain the exhibits listed below, unless the applicant includes a statement identifying the schedule and rate containing the required information and data filed as prescribed in § 385.2011 of this chapter. Any application for an abandonment that is not excluded by § 380.4(a)(28) or (29), must include an environmental report as specified by § 380.3(c)(2). Sections 157.6(a) and 385.2011 of this chapter will govern the submission of applications and exhibits required to be furnished. Together with each exhibit, applicant must provide a full and complete explanation of the data submitted, the manner in which it was obtained, and the reasons for the conclusions derived from the data. The Secretary may, in addition, require that the testimony of all witnesses to be presented by the applicant be filed together with all exhibits upon which applicant will base its case-in-chief.

(a) Exhibit T—Related applications. A statement showing:

(1) The docket numbers of the prior proceedings in which the facilities or services sought to be abandoned were certificated.

(2) The docket numbers of related applications pending before or which have been authorized by the Commission with an explanation of the interrelationship of those applications with the instant application.

(b) Exhibit U—Contracts and other agreements. A conformed copy of each contract or other agreement pertaining directly or indirectly to the abandonment of facilities or service, including all agreements which influenced applicant to seek the abandonment and all agreements which are dependent upon the approval of the proposed abandonment.

(c) Exhibit V—Flow diagram showing daily design capacity and reflecting operation of applicant's system after abandonment. Receipt and delivery point information required in various exhibits must be labeled with a location point name and code in accordance with the location name and code the pipeline has adopted in conformance with § 284.13(f) of this chapter. A flow diagram showing daily design capacity and reflecting operating conditions of applicant's system after abandonment of facilities on that segment of the system affected by the abandonment, including the following:

(1) Diameter, wall thickness, and length of pipe remaining.

(2) For each remaining compressor station, the size, type and number of compressor units, horsepower required, horsepower installed, volume of gas to be used as fuel, suction and discharge pressures, and compression ratio.

(3) Pressures and volumes of gas at the main line inlet and outlet connections at each compressor station.

(4) Pressures and volumes of gas at each intake and takeoff point and at the beginning and terminus of all remaining facilities.

(d) Exhibit W—Impact on customers whose service will be terminated. A statement indicating the availability of natural gas from other sources to applicant's customers whose service will be terminated by the abandonment and a statement showing the economic effect of the abandonment on applicant's customers. If no other natural gas is available, indicate the availability of other fuels to those customers and explain why the abandonment of service to each customer is permitted by the public convenience and necessity.

(e) Exhibit X—Effect of the abandonment on existing tariffs. A statement showing the effect of the proposed abandonment upon any rate schedules or tariffs on file with this Commission, together with pro forma rate schedule sheets, notices of cancellation, or other tariff filings required to be made with this Commission.

(f) Exhibit Y—Accounting treatment of abandonment. Concisely describe the changes of property, indicating the cost of property to be abandoned in place, the cost of property to be removed and salvaged, the proposed disposition of salvaged material, and a description of equipment to be relocated setting forth its cost, its proposed new location, and the extent of rehabilitation required. Include the information required below.

(1) State the proposed accounting treatment for property changes, showing, for example, retirements by primary plant accounts, cost of removal, salvage realized for materials and equipment sold, original cost of reusable materials and equipment recovered (see Account 154 of the Uniform System of Accounts), and maintenance costs for reconditioning of reusable materials and equipment.

(2) If the abandonment will be by sale of property, describe the property to be sold, together with the proposed accounting treatment as required by paragraph F of Gas Plant Instruction 5 of the Uniform System of Accounts. Include a brief statement explaining the basis or methods used to derive the accumulated depreciation related to the property to be disposed of. Applicant may use pro forma accounting entries based on estimated amounts, provided that upon consummation of the sale he must file proposed accounting entries in conformity with the requirements of the Uniform System of Accounts. If the proposed sale will result in a taxable gain to the applicant, indicate the amount of federal and state income taxes to be allocated to the gain. If no allocation is to be made, explain the reasons.

(3) State the amount of accumulated deferred income taxes attributable to the property to be abandoned and the tax basis of the property. Indicate the proposed accounting treatment of those accumulated deferred taxes.

(g) Exhibit Z—Location of facilities. Unless shown on Exhibit V or elsewhere, a geographic map of suitable scale and detail showing, and appropriately differentiating between, all of the facilities proposed to be abandoned and the other existing facilities of applicant, the operation or capacity of which will be directly affected by the facilities to be abandoned. This map shall clearly show the relationship of the facilities to be abandoned to the applicant's overall system and shall include:

(1) Location, length and size of pipelines.

(2) Location and size (rated horsepower) of compressor stations.

(3) Location and designation of each point of connection of existing facilities with (i) main line industrial and other consumers, pipeline or distribution companies and municipalities, indicating towns and communities served at wholesale or retail and (ii) gas-producing and storage fields, or other sources of gas supply. Designate on the map those facilities and services proposed to be abandoned.

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