18 CFR § 157.7 - Abbreviated applications.

§ 157.7 Abbreviated applications.

(a) General. When the operations sales, service, construction, extensions, acquisitions or abandonment proposed by an application do not require all the data and information specified by this part to disclose fully the nature and extent of the proposed undertaking, an abbreviated application may be filed in the manner prescribed in § 385.2011 of this chapter, provided it contains all information and supporting data necessary to explain fully the proposed project, its economic justification, its effect upon applicant's present and future operations and upon the public proposed to be served, and is otherwise in conformity with the applicable requirements of this part regarding form, manner of presentation, and filing. Such an application shall (1) state that it is an abbreviated application; (2) specify which of the data and information required by this part are omitted; and (3) relate the facts relied upon to justify separately each such omission.

[Order 280, 29 FR 4876, Apr. 7, 1964]
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