18 CFR § 281.202 - Applicability.

§ 281.202 Applicability.

This subpart applies to the following interstate pipe lines:

Alabama-Tennessee Pipeline Company.
Algonquin Gas Transmission Company.
Arkansas Louisiana Natural Gas Company.
Cities Service Gas Company.
Colorado Interstate Gas Company.
Columbia Gas Transmission Corporation.
Consolidated Gas Supply Corporation.
East Tennessee Natural Gas Company.
Eastern Shore Natural Gas Company.
El Paso Natural Gas Company.
Florida Gas Transmission Company.
Great Lakes Gas Transmission Company.
Inter-City Minnesota Pipelines, Ltd., Inc.
Kansas-Nebraska Natural Gas Company, Inc.
Lawrenceburg Gas Transmission Company.
Michigan-Wisconsin Pipeline Company.
Mid-Louisiana Gas Company.
Midwestern Gas Transmission Company.
Mississippi River Transmission Company.
Montana Dakota Utilities Company.
National Fuel Gas Supply Company.
North Penn Gas Company.
Northern Natural Gas Company.
Northwest Pipeline Corporation.
Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Company.
South Georgia Natural Gas Company.
Southern Natural Gas Company.
Southwest Gas Corporation.
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, a Division of Tenneco, Inc.
Tennessee Natural Gas Lines.
Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation.
Texas Gas Transmission Corporation.
The Inland Gas Company.
Transwestern Pipeline Company.
Trunkline Gas Company.
United Gas Pipe Line Company.
Western Gas Interstate Company.
[44 FR 26862, May 8, 1979, as amended at 44 FR 48184, Aug. 17, 1979]