18 CFR § 32.1 - Contents of the application.

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§ 32.1 Contents of the application.

Every application under section 202(b) of the Act shall set forth the following information:

(a) The exact legal name of the applicant and of all persons named as parties in the application.

(b) The name, title, and post office address of the person to whom correspondence in regard to the application shall be addressed.

(c) The person named in the application who is a public utility subject to the act.

(d) The State or States in which each electric utility named in the application operates, together with a brief description of the business of and territory, by counties and States, served by such utility.

(e) Description of the proposed interconnection, showing proposed location, capacity and type of construction.

(f) Reasons why the proposed connection, of facilities will be in the public interest.

(g) What steps, if any, have been taken to secure voluntary interconnection under the provisions of section 202(a) of the Act.

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