18 CFR § 33.12 - Notification requirement for certain transactions.

§ 33.12 Notification requirement for certain transactions.

(a) Any public utility that is seeking to merge or consolidate, directly or indirectly, its facilities subject to the jurisdiction of the Commission, or any part thereof, with those of any other person, shall notify the Commission of such transaction not later than 30 days after the date on which the transaction is consummated if:

(1) The facilities, or any part thereof, to be acquired are of a value in excess of $1 million; and

(2) Such public utility is not required to secure an order of the Commission under section 203(a)(1)(B) of the Federal Power Act.

(b) Such notification shall consist of the following information:

(1) The exact name of the public utility and its principal business address; and

(2) A narrative description of the transaction, including:

(i) The identity of all parties involved in the transaction, whether such parties are affiliates, and all jurisdictional facilities associated with or affected by the transaction;

(ii) The location of such jurisdictional facilities involved in the transaction;

(iii) The date on which the transaction was consummated;

(iv) The consideration for the transaction; and

(v) The effect of the transaction on the ownership and control of such jurisdictional facilities.

[Order 855, 84 FR 6075, Feb. 26, 2019]