18 CFR § 347.1 - Material to support request for newly established or changed property account depreciation studies.

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§ 347.1 Material to support request for newly established or changed property account depreciation studies.

(a) Means of filing. Filing of a request for new or changed property account depreciation rates must be made with the Secretary of the Commission.

(b) All filings under this Part must be made electronically pursuant to the requirements of §§ 341.1 and 341.2 of this chapter.

(c) Transmittal letter. Letters of transmittal must give a general description of the change in depreciation rates being proposed in the filing. Letters of transmittal must also certify that the letter of transmittal (not including the information to be provided, as identified in paragraphs (d) and (e) of this section) has been sent to each shipper and to each subscriber. If there are no subscribers, letters of transmittal must so state.

(d) Effectiveness of property account depreciation rates.

(1) The proposed depreciation rates being established in the first instance must be used until they are either accepted or modified by the Commission. Rates in effect at the time of the proposed revision must continue to be used until the proposed revised rates are approved or modified by the Commission.

(2) When filing for approval of either new or changed property account depreciation rates, a carrier must provide information in sufficient detail to fully explain and justify its proposed rates.

(e) Information to be provided. The information in paragraphs (e)(1) through (5) of this section must be provided as justification for depreciation changes. Modifications, additions, and deletions to these data elements should be made to reflect the individual circumstances of the carrier's properties and operations. Any information in paragraphs (e)(1) through (5) of this section, the release of which would violate section 15(13) of the Interstate Commerce Act, must be provided in a format that will protect individual shippers.

(1) A brief summary relating to the general principles on which the proposed depreciation rates are based (e.g., why the economic life of the pipeline section is less then the physical life).

(2) An explanation of the organization, ownership, and operation of the pipeline.

(3) A table of the proposed depreciation rates by account.

(4) An explanation of the average remaining life on a physical basis and on an economic basis.

(5) The following specific background data must be submitted at the time of and concurrently with any request for the establishment of, or modification to, depreciation rates for carriers. If the information listed is not applicable, it may be omitted from the filing:

(i) Up-to-date engineering maps of the pipeline including the location of all gathering facilities, trunkline facilities, terminals, interconnections with other pipeline systems, and interconnections with refineries/plants. Maps must indicate the direction of flow.

(ii) A brief description of the carrier's operations and an estimate of any major near-term additions or retirements including the estimated costs, location, reason, and probable year of transaction.

(iii) The present depreciation rates being used by account.

(iv) For the most current year available and for the two prior years, a breakdown of the throughput (by type of product, if applicable) received with source (e.g. name of well, pipeline company) at each receipt point and throughput delivered at each delivery point.

(v) The daily average capacity (in barrels per day) and the actual average capacity (in barrels per day) for the most current year, by line section.

(vi) A list of shipments and their associated receipt points, delivery points, and volumes (in barrels) by type of product (where applicable) for the most current year.

(vii) For each primary carrier account, the latest month's book balances for gross plant and for accumulated reserve for depreciation.

(viii) An estimate of the remaining life of the system (both gathering and trunk lines) including the basis for the estimate.

(ix) For crude oil, a list of the fields or areas from which crude oil is obtained.

(x) If the proposed depreciation rate adjustment is based on the remaining physical life of the properties, a complete, or updated, if applicable, Service Life Data Form (FERC Form No. 73) through the most current year.

(xi) Estimated salvage value of properties by account.

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