18 CFR § 367.9302 - Account 930.2, Miscellaneous general expenses.

§ 367.9302 Account 930.2, Miscellaneous general expenses.

(a) This account must include the cost of expenses incurred in connection with the general management of the service company not provided for elsewhere.

(b) This account must include labor items including miscellaneous labor not elsewhere provided for.

(c) This account must include the following expenses items:

(1) Industry association dues for company memberships.

(2) Contributions for conventions and meetings of the industry.

(3) Research, development, and demonstration expenses not charged to other operation and maintenance expense accounts on a functional basis.

(4) Communication service not chargeable to other accounts.

(5) Trustee, registrar, and transfer agent fees and expenses.

(6) Stockholders meeting expenses.

(7) Dividend and other financial notices.

(8) Printing and mailing dividend checks.

(9) Directors' fees and expenses.

(10) Publishing and distributing annual reports to stockholders.

(11) Public notices of financial, operating and other data required by regulatory statutes, not including, however, notices required in connection with security issues or acquisitions of property.

(d) Records must be maintained so as to permit ready analysis by item showing the nature of the expense and identity of the person furnishing the service.