18 CFR § 380.8 - Preparation of environmental documents.

§ 380.8 Preparation of environmental documents.

The preparation of environmental documents, as defined in § 1508.10 of the regulations of the Council (40 CFR 1508.10), on hydroelectric projects, natural gas facilities, and electric transmission facilities in national interest electric transmission corridors is the responsibility of the Commission's Office of Energy Projects, 888 First Street NE., Washington, DC 20426, (202) 502-8700. Persons interested in status reports or information on environmental impact statements or other elements of the NEPA process, including the studies or other information the Commission may require on these projects, can contact this office.

[Order 689, 71 FR 69471, Dec. 1, 2006, as amended by Order 756, 77 FR 4895, Feb. 1, 2012]

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