18 CFR § 45.4 - Supplemental applications.

§ 45.4 Supplemental applications.

(a) New positions. In the event of a change or changes in the information set forth in an application, by the applicant's election or appointment to another position or other positions in corporations within the purview of section 305(b) of the Act, the application shall be supplemented by the applicant's setting forth all the data with respect to the new position or positions in accordance with the requirements of this part.

(b) Old positions. After applicant has been authorized to hold a particular position, further application in connection with each successive term so long as he continues in uninterrupted tenure of such position will not be required except as ordered by the Commission. If the term of office or the holding of any position for which authorization has been given shall be interrupted and the applicant shall subsequently be reelected or reappointed thereto, further authorization will be required.

(c) Changes in interlocking positions within the scope of § 45.9. Notwithstanding paragraphs (a) and (b) of this section, in the case of interlocking positions that qualify for automatic authorization pursuant to § 45.9(a), a filing under this section will not be required if the only changes to be reported are holding different or additional interlocking positions that would qualify for automatic authorization pursuant to § 45.9(a).

[Order 141, 12 FR 8501, Dec. 19, 1947, as amended by Order 856, 84 FR 7282, Mar. 4, 2019]