18 CFR § 46.5 - Covered entities.

§ 46.5 Covered entities.

Entities to which the general rule in § 46.4(b) applies are the following:

(a) Any investment bank, bank holding company, foreign bank or subsidiary thereof doing business in the United States, insurance company, or any other organization primarily engaged in the business of providing financial services or credit, a mutual savings bank, or a savings and loan association;

(b) Any entity which is authorized by law to underwrite or participate in the marketing of securities of a public utility;

(c) Any entity which produces or supplies electrical equipment or coal, natural gas, oil, nuclear fuel, or other fuel, for the use of any public utility;

(d) Any entity specified in § 46.3;

(e) Any entity referred to in section 305(b) of the Federal Power Act; and

(f) Any entity which is controlled by any entity referred to in this section.