18 CFR § 5.13 - Revised study plan and study plan determination.

§ 5.13 Revised study plan and study plan determination.

(a) Within 30 days following the deadline for filing comments on the potential applicant's proposed study plan, as provided for in § 5.12, the potential applicant must file a revised study plan for Commission approval. The revised study plan shall include the comments on the proposed study plan and a description of the efforts made to resolve differences over study requests. If the potential applicant does not adopt a requested study, it must explain why the request was not adopted, with reference to the criteria set forth in § 5.9(b).

(b) Within 15 days following filing of the potential applicant's revised study plan, participants may file comments thereon.

(c) Within 30 days following the date the potential applicant files its revised study plan, the Director of Energy Projects will issue a Study Plan Determination with regard to the potential applicant's study plan, including any modifications determined to be necessary in light of the record.

(d) If no notice of study dispute is filed pursuant to § 5.14 within 20 days of the Study Plan Determination, the study plan as approved in the Study Plan Determination shall be deemed to be approved and the potential applicant shall proceed with the approved studies. If a potential applicant fails to obtain or conduct a study as required by Study Plan Determination, its license application may be considered deficient.

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