18 CFR § 50.3 - Applications/pre-filing; rules and format.

§ 50.3 Applications/pre-filing; rules and format.

(a) Filings are subject to the formal paper and electronic filing requirements for proceedings before the Commission as provided in part 385 of this chapter.

(b) Applications, amendments, and all exhibits and other submissions required to be furnished by an applicant to the Commission under this part must be submitted in an original and 7 conformed copies.

(c) When an application considered alone is incomplete and depends vitally upon information in another application, it will not be accepted for filing until the supporting application has been filed. When applications are interdependent, they must be filed concurrently.

(d) All filings must be signed in compliance with § 385.2005 of this chapter.

(e) The Commission will conduct a paper hearing on applications for permits for electric transmission facilities.

(f) Permitting entities will be subject to the filing requirements of this section and the prompt and binding intermediate milestones and ultimate deadlines established in the notice issued under § 50.9.

(g) Any person submitting documents containing critical energy infrastructure information must follow the procedures specified in § 388.113 of this chapter.

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