19 CFR § 10.35 - Models of women's wearing apparel.

§ 10.35 Models of women's wearing apparel.

(a) Models of women's wearing apparel admitted under subheading 9813.00.10, Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTSUS), shall not be removed from the importer's establishment for reproducing, copying, painting, sketching, or for any other use by others, nor be used in the importer's establishment for such purposes except by the importer or his employees.

(b) Invoices covering models of women's wearing apparel entered under subheading 9813.00.10 or 9813.00.25, HTSUS shall state the kind and color of the principal material from which the apparel is made, and shall contain a description of the lining and the trimming, stating whether composed of fur, lace, embroidery, or other material. Invoices shall also contain a statement as to how the trimming is applied, that is, whether on the cuffs, collar, sleeves, or elsewhere, and the total value of each completed garment or article.

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