19 CFR § 10.38 - Exportation.

§ 10.38 Exportation.

(a) Articles entered under chapter 98, subchapter XIII, Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTSUS) (19 U.S.C. 1202) may be exported at the port of entry or at another port. An application on Customs Form 3495 shall be filed in duplicate with the port director a sufficient length of time in advance of exportation to permit the examination and identification of the articles if circumstances warrant such action and, in such event, the applicant shall be notified on a copy of Customs Form 3495 where the articles are to be sent for identification. If a carnet was used for entry purposes, the reexportation voucher of the carnet shall be filed, in addition to Customs Form 3495, and the carnet shall be presented for certification.

(b) All expenses in connection with the delivery of the articles for examination, the cording and sealing of such articles, and their transfer for exportation shall be paid by the parties in interest.

(c) If exportation is to be made at a port other than the one at which the merchandise was entered, the application on Customs Form 3495 shall be filed in triplicate. There shall also be filed with the application a certified copy of the import entry or a certified copy of the invoice used on entry.

(d) If the goods are examined at one port and are to be exported from another port, they shall be forwarded to the port of exportation under a transportation and exportation entry. In such cases Customs Form 3495 shall be filed in triplicate. Articles entered under a carnet shall not be examined elsewhere than at the port from which they are to be exported.

(e) If the articles are to be exported by mail or parcel post, the package containing the articles must be mailed under Customs supervision after examination. Waiver of the right to withdraw the package from the mails shall be endorsed on each package to be so exported and signed by the exporter.

(f) Whenever the circumstances warrant, and occasionally in any event, port directors shall cause the fact of exportation to be verified by the Office of Enforcement in harmony with the procedures provided for in §§ 18.7 and 191.61 of this chapter.

(g) Upon the presentation of satisfactory evidence to the director of the port at which samples were entered under subheading 9813.00.20, HTSUS, or professional equipment or tools of trade were entered under subheading 9813.00.50, HTSUS, that such articles cannot be exported for the reason that they have been seized (other than by seizure at the suit of private persons), the requirement of exportation shall be suspended for the duration of the seizure. The articles shall be exported promptly after release from seizure.

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