19 CFR § 111.12 - Application for license.

§ 111.12 Application for license.

(a) Submission of application and fee. An application for a broker's license must be timely submitted to the processing Center after the applicant attains a passing grade on the examination. The application must be executed on CBP Form 3124. The application must be accompanied by the application fee prescribed in § 111.96(a) and one copy of the appropriate attachment required by the application form (Articles of Agreement or an affidavit signed by all partners, Articles of Agreement of the association, or the Articles of Incorporation). If the applicant proposes to operate under a trade or fictitious name in one or more States, evidence of the applicant's authority to use the name in each of those States must accompany the application. The application, application fee and any additional documentation as required above may be submitted to a CBP-authorized electronic data interchange (EDI) system. If a CBP-authorized EDI system is not available, then the information must be submitted in writing to the processing Center. An application for an individual license must be submitted within the 3-year period after the applicant took and passed the examination referred to in §§ 111.11(a)(4) and 111.13. The processing Center may require an individual applicant to provide a copy of the notification that the applicant passed the examination (see § 111.13(e)) and will require the applicant to submit fingerprints at the time of the interview. The processing Center may reject an application as improperly filed if the application is incomplete or, if on its face, the application demonstrates that one or more of the basic requirements set forth in § 111.11 has not been met at the time of filing; in either case the application and fee will be returned to the filer without further action.

(b) Withdrawal of application. An applicant for a broker's license may withdraw the application at any time prior to issuance of the license by providing written notice of the withdrawal to the processing Center or through a CBP-authorized EDI system, if available. However, withdrawal of the application does not entitle the applicant to a refund of the application fee set forth in § 111.96(a).

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