19 CFR § 111.14 - Investigation of the license applicant.

§ 111.14 Investigation of the license applicant.

(a) Referral of application for investigation. The port director will immediately refer an application for an individual, partnership, association, or corporation license to the special agent in charge or other entity designated by Headquarters for investigation and report.

(b) Scope of investigation. An investigation under this section will ascertain facts relevant to the question of whether the applicant is qualified and will cover, but need not be limited to:

(1) The accuracy of the statements made in the application;

(2) The business integrity of the applicant; and

(3) When the applicant is an individual (including a member of a partnership or an officer of an association or corporation), the character and reputation of the applicant.

(c) Referral to Headquarters. The port director will forward the originals of the application and the report of investigation to the Assistant Commissioner. The port director will also submit his recommendation for action on the application.

(d) Additional investigation or inquiry. The Assistant Commissioner may require further investigation to be conducted if additional facts are deemed necessary to pass upon the application. The Assistant Commissioner may also require the applicant (or in the case of a partnership, association, or corporation, one or more of its members or officers) to appear in person before him or before one or more representatives of the Assistant Commissioner for the purpose of undergoing further written or oral inquiry into the applicant's qualifications for a license.

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