19 CFR § 111.16 - Denial of license.

§ 111.16 Denial of license.

(a) Notice of denial. If the Assistant Commissioner determines that the application for a license should be denied for any reason, notice of denial will be given by him to the applicant and to the director of the port at which the application was filed. The notice of denial will state the reasons why the license was not issued.

(b) Grounds for denial. The grounds sufficient to justify denial of an application for a license include, but need not be limited to:

(1) Any cause which would justify suspension or revocation of the license of a broker under the provisions of § 111.53;

(2) The failure to meet any requirement set forth in § 111.11;

(3) A failure to establish the business integrity and good character of the applicant;

(4) Any willful misstatement of pertinent facts in the application for the license;

(5) Any conduct which would be deemed unfair in commercial transactions by accepted standards; or

(6) A reputation imputing to the applicant criminal, dishonest, or unethical conduct, or a record of that conduct.

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