19 CFR § 128.1 - Definitions.

§ 128.1 Definitions.

For the purpose of this part the following definitions shall apply:

(a) Express consignment operator or carrier. An “express consignment operator or carrier” is an entity operating in any mode or intermodally moving cargo by special express commercial service under closely integrated administrative control. Its services are offered to the public under advertised, reliable timely delivery on a door-to-door basis. An express consignment operator assumes liability to Customs for the articles in the same manner as if it is the sole carrier.

(b) Cargo. “Cargo” means any and all shipments imported into the Customs territory of the United States by an express consignment operator or carrier whether manifested, accompanied, or unaccompanied.

(c) Courier shipment. A “courier shipment” is an accompanied express consignment shipment.

(d) Hub. A “hub” is a separate, unique, single purpose facility normally operating outside of Customs operating hours approved by the port director for entry filing, examination, and release of express consignment shipments.

(e) Express consignment carrier facility. An “express consignment carrier facility” is a separate or shared specialized facility approved by the port director solely for the examination and release of express consignment shipments.

(f) Closely integrated administrative control. The term “closely integrated administrative control” means operations must be sufficiently integrated at both ends of the service (i.e., pick-up and delivery) so that the express consignment company can exercise a high degree of control over the shipments, particularly in regard to the reliability of information supplied for Customs purposes. Such control would be indicated by substantial common ownership between the local company and the foreign affiliate and/or by a very close contractual relationship between the local company and its foreign affiliate(s) (e.g., a franchise arrangement).

(g) Reimbursable. “Reimbursable” means all normal costs incurred at an express consignment operator's hub or an express consignment carrier facility that are required to be reimbursed to the Government.