19 CFR 146.39 - Direct delivery procedures.

§ 146.39 Direct delivery procedures.

(a)General. This procedure is for delivery of merchandise to a zone without prior application and approval on Customs Form 214.

(b)Application. An operator, meeting the criteria of paragraph (c) of this section, shall file a written application with the port director at least 30 days before the special procedure is to become effective. The application will describe the merchandise to be handled or processed, and the kind of operation which it will undergo in the zone.

(c)Criteria. The port director shall approve the application if the following criteria are met:

(1) The merchandise is not restricted or of a type which requires Customs examination or documentation review before or upon its arrival at the zone;

(2) The merchandise to be admitted to the zone, and the operations to be conducted therein, are known well in advance, are predictable and stable over the long term, and are relatively fixed in variety by the nature of the business conducted at the site; and

(3) The operator is the owner or purchaser of the goods.

(d)Application decision. The port director shall promptly notify the operator, in writing, of Customs decision on the application. If the application is denied, the port director shall specify the reason for denial in his reply. The port director's decision will constitute the final Customs administrative determination concerning the application.

(e)Revocation of approval. The port director may revoke the approval given under this section if it becomes necessary for Customs routinely to examine the merchandise or documentation before or upon admission to the zone.