19 CFR § 146.41 - Privileged foreign status.

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§ 146.41 Privileged foreign status.

(a) General. Foreign merchandise which has not been manipulated or manufactured so as to effect a change in tariff classification will be given status as privileged foreign merchandise on proper application to the port director.

(b) Application. Each application for this status will be made on Customs Form 214 at the time of filing the application for admission of the merchandise into a zone or at any time thereafter before the merchandise has been manipulated or manufactured in the zone in a manner which has effected a change in tariff classification.

(c) Supporting documentation. Each applicant for this status shall submit to the port director, with the application, an invoice notated as provided for in § 141.90 of this chapter.

(d) Determination of duties and taxes. Upon receipt of the application and accompanying invoice, the port director may examine the merchandise to determine whether to approve the application. The merchandise will be subject to classification and valuation as provided in § 146.65.

(e) Status as privileged foreign merchandise binding. A status as privileged foreign merchandise cannot be abandoned and remains applicable to the merchandise even if changed in form by manipulation or manufacture, except in the case of recoverable waste (see § 146.42(b)), as long as the merchandise remains within the purview of the Act. However, privileged foreign merchandise may be exported or withdrawn for supplies, equipment, or repair material of vessels or aircraft without the payment of taxes and duties, in accordance with §§ 146.67 and 146.69.