19 CFR § 146.63 - Entry for consumption.

§ 146.63 Entry for consumption.

(a) Foreign merchandise. Merchandise in foreign status or composed in part of merchandise in foreign status may be entered for consumption from a zone.

(b) Zone-restricted merchandise. Merchandise in a zone-restricted status may be entered for consumption only when the Board has ruled that merchandise can be entered for consumption.

(c) Estimated production—(1) Weekly entry. When merchandise is manufactured or otherwise changed in a zone (exclusive of packing) to its physical condition as entered within 24 hours before physical transfer from the zone for consumption, the port director may allow the person making entry to file an entry on Customs Form 3461, or its electronic equivalent, for the estimated removals of merchandise during the calendar week. The Customs Form 3461, or its electronic equivalent, must be accompanied by a pro forma invoice or schedule showing the number of units of each type of merchandise to be removed during the week and their zone and dutiable values. Merchandise covered by an entry made under the provisions of this section will be considered to be entered and may be removed only when the port director has accepted the entry on Customs Form 3461, or its electronic equivalent. If the actual removals will exceed the estimate for the week, the person making entry shall file an additional Customs Form 3461, or its electronic equivalent, to cover the additional units before their removal from the zone. Notwithstanding that a weekly entry may be allowed, all merchandise will be dutiable as provided in § 146.65. When estimated removals exceed actual removals, that excess merchandise will not be considered to have been entered or constructively transferred to the Customs territory.

(2) Individual transfers. After acceptance of the weekly entry, individual transfers of merchandise covered by the entry may be made from the zone.

(d) Textiles and textile products. Subject to the existing statutory authority of the Board, textiles and textile products admitted into a zone, regardless of whether the merchandise has privileged or nonprivileged foreign status, which would have been subject to quota or visa or export license requirements in their condition at the time of importation (if entered for consumption rather than admitted to a zone), may not be subsequently transferred into Customs territory for consumption if, during the time the merchandise is in the zone, there has been a change by manipulation, manufacture, or other means:

(1) In the country of origin of the merchandise as defined by § 102.21 or § 102.22 of this chapter, as applicable;

(2) To exempt from quota or visa or export license requirements other than a change brought about by statute, treaty, executive order or Presidential proclamation; or

(3) From one textile category to another textile category.

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