19 CFR § 148.113 - Declaration, entry, and collection of duty.

§ 148.113 Declaration, entry, and collection of duty.

(a) Declaration and entry for unaccompanied articles -

(1) Declaration. A baggage declaration covering articles for which a claim of free entry, in whole or in part, is made under the $1,600 exemption provided by subheading 9804.00.70, Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTSUS) (19 U.S.C. 1202), or a baggage or crewmembers declaration covering articles for which the flat rate of duty provision of subheading 9816.00.40, HTSUS appears to be applicable, must be accompanied by a Declaration of Unaccompanied Articles, CBP Form 255. CBP Form 255 must be prepared in triplicate by the vendor or declarant for each shipment of declared articles not accompanying the person. A shipment consists of one or more packages or containers sent as a unit.

(2) Verification. The CBP officer must verify the information from the declaration, sales slip, invoice, or other evidence of purchase furnished by the person. The completed CBP Form 255 must be validated by the CBP officer and two copies given to the person.

(b) Collection of duty. Duties shall be collected before release of the articles, after their arrival in the United States, as provided in § 145.12 or § 148.115.

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