19 CFR § 148.42 - Personal effects.

§ 148.42 Personal effects.

(a) Exemption. A nonresident arriving in the United States, regardless of age, is entitled under subheading 9804.00.20, and Chapter 98, U.S. Note 3, Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (19 U.S.C. 1202), to entry free of duty and internal revenue tax for his wearing apparel, articles of personal adornment, toilet articles, and similar personal effects. “Similar personal effects” include all articles intended and appropriate for the personal use of the nonresident while traveling, such as hunting and fishing equipment, wheelchairs for invalids or crippled persons, pet and hunting dogs, and the like.

(b) Application of exemption. The exemption applies only to articles which were actually owned by the nonresident and in his possession abroad at the time of, or prior to, his departure for the United States. The articles must be appropriate for the personal use of the nonresident, and intended only for such use and not as a gift for another person nor for sale.

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