19 CFR § 159.37 - Suspension of certification of rates.

§ 159.37 Suspension of certification of rates.

Whenever the Federal Reserve Bank of New York advises that its certification of rates for a currency is being suspended pending determination of the question whether it will certify multiple rates for that currency, the following procedures shall apply:

(a) Notification of suspension. Customs field officers will be informed when certification of a currency is being suspended. Currency information received from the Federal Reserve Bank, or otherwise available, which might be helpful in calculating estimated duties during the period of suspension will be furnished to the Customs field officers.

(b) Suspension of liquidation. In any case where for the purposes of the assessment and collection of duties it is necessary to determine the proper rate or rates for a currency during the period when it has been suspended from certification, appraisement and liquidation shall be suspended until resumption of certification.

(c) Resumption of certification. When certification is resumed by the Federal Reserve Bank, the procedures in § 159.36 shall apply.