19 CFR § 165.21 - Administrative record.

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§ 165.21 Administrative record.

(a) Administrative record. CBP will maintain a record for purposes of making a determination as to evasion under § 165.27 and conducting an administrative review under § 165.46. The administrative record will contain all of the following, if applicable, but is not limited to:

(1) Materials obtained and considered by CBP during the course of an investigation under this part;

(2) Factual information submitted pursuant to § 165.23;

(3) Information obtained during and the results of any verification conducted pursuant to § 165.25;

(4) Materials from other agencies provided to CBP pursuant to the investigation;

(5) Written arguments submitted pursuant to § 165.26 and subpart D of this part; and

(6) Summaries of oral discussions with interested parties relevant to the investigation pursuant to § 165.23.

(b) Maintenance of the record. CBP will maintain the administrative record of each investigation or review conducted by CBP pursuant to this part. All information properly filed with CBP pursuant to §§ 165.4 and 165.5 will be placed on the administrative record. CBP will not consider in its determinations or include on the administrative record any information that is not properly filed with CBP.