19 CFR § 18.42 - Direct exportation.

§ 18.42 Direct exportation.

At the port of exportation, the container or road vehicle, the merchandise, and the TIR carnet shall be made available to the port director. Any required Electronic Export Information (EEI) shall be filed in accordance with the applicable regulations of the Bureau of the Census (15 CFR part 30). The port director shall examine the merchandise to the extent he believes necessary to determine that the carnet has been properly completed and shall verify that the container or road vehicle has the necessary certificate of approval or approval plate intact and is in satisfactory condition. After completion of any required examination and supervision of loading, the port director will seal the container or road vehicle with customs seals and ascertain that the TIR plates are properly affixed and sealed. See § 18.4(d). In the case of heavy or bulky goods moving under cover of a TIR carnet, the port director shall cause a customs seal or label, as appropriate, to be affixed. He shall also remove two vouchers from the carnet, execute the appropriate counterfoils, and return the carnet to the carrier or agent to accompany the merchandise.