19 CFR § 19.40 - Establishment, relocation or alteration of container stations.

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§ 19.40 Establishment, relocation or alteration of container stations.

(a) A container station, independent of the importing carrier, may be established at any port or portion of a port, or any other area under the jurisdiction of a port director upon the filing of an application therefore and its approval by the port director and the posting of a bond on Customs Form 301, containing the bond conditions set forth in § 113.63 of this chapter in such amount as the port director shall require.

(b) Alterations to or relocation of a container station may be made with the permission of the director of the port in which the facility is located, or if not within a port's limits, nearest to where the facility is located. An application to alter or relocate a container station shall be accompanied by the fee required by paragraph (c) of this section.


(1) Customs shall charge a fee to establish, relocate or alter a container station, and publish a general notice in the Federal Register and Customs Bulletin setting forth a fee schedule, to be revised periodically to reflect increased costs, to establish, relocate or alter the container station. The published revised fee schedule shall remain in effect until changed.

(2) The fee, rounded off to the nearest dollar, shall be calculated in accordance with § 24.17(d) of this chapter. The fee shall be based upon the amount of time the average service requires of the Customs officers performing the service.

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