19 CFR § 191.72 - Exportation procedures.

§ 191.72 Exportation procedures.

Exportation of articles for drawback purposes must be established by complying with one of the procedures provided for in this section (in addition to providing prior notice of intent to export if applicable (see §§ 191.35, 191.36, 191.42, and 191.91 of this part)). Supporting documentary evidence must establish fully the date and fact of exportation and the identity of the exporter. The procedures for establishing exportation outlined by this section include, but are not limited to:

(a) Documentary evidence of exportation (originals or copies) issued by the exporting carrier, such as a bill of lading, air waybill, freight waybill, Canadian Customs manifest, and/or cargo manifest;”.

(b) Export summary (§ 191.73);

(c) Official postal records (originals or copies) which evidence exportation by mail (§ 191.74);

(d) Notice of lading for supplies on certain vessels or aircraft (§ 191.112); or

(e) Notice of transfer for articles manufactured or produced in the U.S. which are transferred to a foreign trade zone (§ 191.183).

[T.D. 98-16, 63 FR 11006, Mar. 5, 1998, as amended by CBP Dec. 15-11, 80 FR 47407, Aug. 7, 2015]