19 CFR § 210.49 - Implementation of Commission action.

§ 210.49 Implementation of Commission action.

(a) Service of Commission determination upon the parties. A Commission determination pursuant to § 210.45(c) or a termination on the basis of a licensing or other agreement, a consent order or an arbitration agreement pursuant to § 210.21(b), (c) or (d), respectively, shall be served upon each party to the investigation.

(b) Publication and transmittal to the President. A Commission determination that there is a violation of section 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930 or that there is reason to believe that there is a violation, together with the action taken relative to such determination under § 210.50(a) or § 210.50(d) of this part, or the modification or rescission in whole or in part of an action taken under § 210.50(a), shall promptly be published in the Federal Register. It shall also be promptly transmitted to the President or an officer assigned the functions of the President under 19 U.S.C. 1337(j)(1)(B), 1337(j)(2), and 1337(j)(4), together with the record upon which the determination and the action are based.

(c) Enforceability of Commission action. Unless otherwise specified, any Commission action other than an exclusion order or an order directing seizure and forfeiture of articles imported in violation of an outstanding exclusion order shall be enforceable upon receipt by the affected party of notice of such action. Exclusion orders and seizure and forfeiture orders shall be enforceable upon receipt of notice thereof by the Secretary of the Treasury.

(d) Finality of affirmative Commission action. If the President does not disapprove the Commission's action within a 60-day period beginning the day after a copy of the Commission's action is delivered to the President, or if the President notifies the Commission before the close of the 60-day period that he approves the Commission's action, such action shall become final the day after the close of the 60-day period or the day the President notifies the Commission of his approval, as the case may be.

(e) Duration. Final Commission action shall remain in effect as provided in subpart I of this part.

[59 FR 39039, Aug. 1, 1994, as amended at 59 FR 67628, Dec. 30, 1994; 73 FR 38325, July 7, 2008]

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