19 CFR § 210.70 - Forfeiture or return of complainant's temporary relief bond.

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§ 210.70 Forfeiture or return of complainant's temporary relief bond.


(1) If the Commission determines that one or more of the respondents whose merchandise was covered by the temporary relief order has not violated section 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930 to the extent alleged in the motion for temporary relief and provided for in the temporary relief order, proceedings to determine whether the complainant's bond should be forfeited to one or more respondents in whole or part may be initiated upon the filing of a motion by a respondent within 30 days after filing of the aforesaid Commission determination on violation.

(2) A complainant may file a motion for the return of its bond.

(b) Any nonmoving party may file a response to a motion filed under paragraph (a) of this section within 15 days after filing of the motion, unless otherwise ordered by the administrative law judge.

(c) A motion for forfeiture or return of a complainant's temporary relief bond in whole or part will be adjudicated by the administrative law judge in an initial determination with a 45-day effective date, which shall be subject to review under the provisions of §§ 210.42 through 210.45. In determining whether to grant the motion, the administrative law judge and the Commission will be guided by practice under Rule 65 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

[59 FR 67629, Dec. 30, 1994]