19 CFR § 351.104 - Record of proceedings.

§ 351.104 Record of proceedings.

(a) Official record -

(1) In general. The Secretary will maintain an official record of each antidumping and countervailing duty proceeding. The Secretary will include in the official record all factual information, written argument, or other material developed by, presented to, or obtained by the Secretary during the course of a proceeding that pertains to the proceeding. The official record will include government memoranda pertaining to the proceeding, memoranda of ex parte meetings, determinations, notices published in the Federal Register, and transcripts of hearings. The official record will contain material that is public, business proprietary, privileged, and classified. For purposes of section 516A(b)(2) of the Act, the record is the official record of each segment of the proceeding.

(2) Material rejected.

(i) The Secretary, in making any determination under this part, will not use factual information, written argument, or other material that the Secretary rejects.

(ii) The official record will include a copy of a rejected document, solely for purposes of establishing and documenting the basis for rejecting the document, if the document was rejected because:

(A) The document, although otherwise timely, contains untimely filed new factual information (see § 351.301(b));

(B) The submitter made a nonconforming request for business proprietary treatment of factual information (see § 351.304);

(C) The Secretary denied a request for business proprietary treatment of factual information (see § 351.304);

(D) The submitter is unwilling to permit the disclosure of business proprietary information under APO (see § 351.304).

(iii) In no case will the official record include any document that the Secretary rejects as untimely filed, or any unsolicited questionnaire response unless the response is a voluntary response accepted under § 351.204(d) (see § 351.302(d)).

(b) Public record. The Secretary will maintain a public record of each proceeding. The record will consist of all material contained in the official record (see paragraph (a) of this section) that the Secretary decides is public information under § 351.105(b), government memoranda or portions of memoranda that the Secretary decides may be disclosed to the general public, and public versions of all determinations, notices, and transcripts. The public record will be available to the public for inspection and copying in the Central Records Unit (see § 351.103). The Secretary will charge an appropriate fee for providing copies of documents.

(c) Protection of records. Unless ordered by the Secretary or required by law, no record or portion of a record will be removed from the Department.

[62 FR 27379, May 19, 1997, as amended at 76 FR 39274, July 6, 2011]

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