19 CFR § 351.410 - Differences in circumstances of sale

§ 351.410 Differences in circumstances of sale

(a) Introduction. In calculating normal value the Secretary may make adjustments to account for certain differences in the circumstances of sales in the United States and foreign markets. (See section 773(a)(6)(C)(iii) of the Act.) This section clarifies certain terms used in the statute regarding circumstances of sale adjustments and describes the adjustment when commissions are paid only in one market.

(b) In general. With the exception of the allowance described in paragraph (e) of this section concerning commissions paid in only one market, the Secretary will make circumstances of sale adjustments under section 773(a)(6)(C)(iii) of the Act only for direct selling expenses and assumed expenses.

(c) Direct selling expenses. “Direct selling expenses” are expenses, such as commissions, credit expenses, guarantees, and warranties, that result from, and bear a direct relationship to, the particular sale in question.

(d) Assumed expenses. Assumed expenses are selling expenses that are assumed by the seller on behalf of the buyer, such as advertising expenses.

(e) Commissions paid in one market. The Secretary normally will make a reasonable allowance for other selling expenses if the Secretary makes a reasonable allowance for commissions in one of the markets under considerations, and no commission is paid in the other market under consideration. The Secretary will limit the amount of such allowance to the amount of the other selling expenses incurred in the one market or the commissions allowed in the other market, whichever is less.

(f) Reasonable allowance. In deciding what is a reasonable allowance for any difference in circumstances of sale, the Secretary normally will consider the cost of such difference to the exporter or producer but, if appropriate, may also consider the effect of such difference on the market value of the merchandise.