19 CFR § 351.526 - Program-wide changes.

§ 351.526 Program-wide changes.

(a) In general. The Secretary may take a program-wide change into account in establishing the estimated countervailing duty cash deposit rate if:

(1) The Secretary determines that subsequent to the period of investigation or review, but before a preliminary determination in an investigation (see § 351.205) or a preliminary result of an administrative review or a new shipper review (see §§ 351.213 and 351.214), a program-wide change has occurred; and

(2) The Secretary is able to measure the change in the amount of countervailable subsidies provided under the program in question.

(b) Definition of program-wide change. For purposes of this section, “program-wide change” means a change that:

(1) Is not limited to an individual firm or firms; and

(2) Is effectuated by an official act, such as the enactment of a statute, regulation, or decree, or contained in the schedule of an existing statute, regulation, or decree.

(c) Effect limited to cash deposit rate -

(1) In general. The application of paragraph (a) of this section will not result in changing, in an investigation, an affirmative determination to a negative determination or a negative determination to an affirmative determination.

(2) Example. In a countervailing duty investigation, the Secretary determines that during the period of investigation a countervailable subsidy existed in the amount of 10 percent ad valorem. Subsequent to the period of investigation, but before the preliminary determination, the foreign government in question enacts a change to the program that reduces the amount of the subsidy to a de minimis level. In a final determination, the Secretary would issue an affirmative determination, but would establish a cash deposit rate of zero.

(d) Terminated programs. The Secretary will not adjust the cash deposit rate under paragraph (a) of this section if the program-wide change consists of the termination of a program and:

(1) The Secretary determines that residual benefits may continue to be bestowed under the terminated program; or

(2) The Secretary determines that a substitute program for the terminated program has been introduced and the Secretary is not able to measure the amount of countervailable subsidies provided under the substitute program.

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