2 CFR § 180.100 - How are subparts A through I organized?

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§ 180.100 How are subparts A through I organized?

(a) Each subpart contains information related to a broad topic or specific audience with special responsibilities, as shown in the following table:

In subpart . . . You will find provisions related to . . .
A general information about Subparts A through I of this part.
B the types of transactions that are covered by the Governmentwide nonprocurement suspension and debarment system.
C the responsibilities of persons who participate in covered transactions.
D the responsibilities of Federal agency officials who are authorized to enter into covered transactions.
E the responsibilities of Federal agencies for entering information into SAM Exclusions
F the general principles governing suspension, debarment, voluntary exclusion and settlement.
G suspension actions.
H debarment actions.
I definitions of terms used in this part.

(b) The following table shows which subparts may be of special interest to you, depending on who you are:

If you are . . . See Subpart(s) . . .
(1) a participant or principal in a nonprocurement transaction A, B, C and I.
(2) a respondent in a suspension action A, B, F, G and I.
(3) a respondent in a debarment action A, B, F, H and I.
(4) a suspending official A, B, E, F, G and I.
(5) a debarring official A, B, D, F, H and I.
(6) an Federal agency official authorized to enter into a covered transaction A, B, D, E and I.