2 CFR § 180.25 - What must a Federal agency address in its implementation of the guidance?

§ 180.25 What must a Federal agency address in its implementation of the guidance?

Each Federal agency implementing regulation:

(a) Must establish policies and procedures for that agency's nonprocurement debarment and suspension programs and activities that are consistent with the guidance. When adopted by a Federal agency, the provisions of the guidance have regulatory effect for that agency's programs and activities.

(b) Must address some matters for which these guidelines give each Federal agency some discretion. Specifically, the regulation must—

(1) Identify either the Federal agency head or the title of the designated official who is authorized to grant exceptions under § 180.135 to let an excluded person participate in a covered transaction.

(2) State whether the agency includes as covered transactions an additional tier of contracts awarded under covered nonprocurement transactions, as permitted under § 180.220(c).

(3) Identify the method(s) an agency official may use, when entering into a covered transaction with a primary tier participant, to communicate to the participant the requirements described in § 180.435. Examples of methods are an award term that requires compliance as a condition of the award; an assurance of compliance obtained at time of application; or a certification.

(4) State whether the Federal agency specifies a particular method that participants must use to communicate compliance requirements to lower-tier participants, as described in § 180.330(a). If there is a specified method, the regulation needs to require agency officials, when entering into covered transactions with primary tier participants, to communicate that requirement.

(c) May also, at the agency's option:

(1) Identify any specific types of transactions that the Federal agency includes as “nonprocurement transactions” in addition to the examples provided in § 180.970.

(2) Identify any types of nonprocurement transactions that the Federal agency exempts from coverage under these guidelines, as authorized under § 180.215(g)(2).

(3) Identify specific examples of types of individuals who would be “principals” under the Federal agency's nonprocurement programs and transactions, in addition to the types of individuals described at § 180.995.

(4) Specify the Federal agency's procedures, if any, by which a respondent may appeal a suspension or debarment decision.

(5) Identify by title the officials designated by the Federal agency head as debarring officials under § 180.930 or suspending officials under § 180.1010.

(6) Include a subpart covering disqualifications, as authorized in § 180.45.

(7) Include any provisions authorized by OMB.

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